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Date & time: Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 13:00–14:00 (CET)

To prototype or not to prototype: that is the question

If you have any questions, or you may not be sure if your product needs a prototype, join our free webinar, and let us elaborate on all the reasons why prototyping will worth your while.

Digital product development is always a journey full of doubts. Is this idea good enough to make it out in the world? We have a sensational product concept, but will it be possible to actually build it? Will people understand what we mean? Will this product really solve our target users' problems?

Well, there's one way to find out: set that idea in motion, and build your product! Luckily enough, there's a quick, inexpensive, yet highly reliable way to validate or refine your concepts before investing a lot of time and resources into developing them. It’s called prototyping.

Come to us with your idea, and we will help you bring it to life.

In the automotive industry, prototypes allow engineers, mechanics and different technologists to figure out what products appeal to consumers, to convince stakeholders to invest in new products, and to ensure that all vehicles will be relevant for the end-user. Running through the entire automotive design and development cycle, prototyping makes sure that everyone is on the same page. A prototype for a digital product works in a similar way. As the visual representation of a design, it helps to coordinate designers, developers, stakeholders, users and clients to work together efficiently and encourage a continuous reevaluation of concepts, designs and user experience in the interest of producing the best possible solution.

What value can prototypes bring to your company?

Prototypes bring value if they’re implemented at the right stage. We gathered a few facts that will benefit your work process:

  • Fail fast, learn fast. Innovation processes always bring a risk of failure. By building a prototype, you can quickly identify the approaches that don’t work, so you can focus on the ones that do.
  • Save time by knowing what you want. Project budgets encounter extra costs when some features have to be reworked. But a working prototype can showcase a product’s functionality in a way that allows you to gather valuable feedback, thus helping you to conceptualize your product a lot faster.
  • Identify future problems. A functional prototype can quickly point out logical issues, and we can correct them before starting the development.
  • Split conflicts. Never get stuck on one type of feature implementation. The advantage of prototyping is that you can easily put together different approaches for the same feature, and benchmark the results to see which one works better.
  • Validate your idea. A prototype can easily prove the feasibility of a product. It costs far less to develop a working prototype, test it with a client group, and then decide if your idea is worth developing or not.

We've put together a detailed guide for you so that you find out everything you need to know about prototypes.

Plans and pricing

In case you are hesitating, we can assure you that there is nothing to lose. Let’s open a dialogue, discuss your options! You do not need to pay anything until after our joint kick-off workshop took place, and even then, only 50% of the amount. By the same token, the remaining 50% is due upon successful project completion.

Prototyping starter image



  • A better understanding of the prototype (PDF)
  • Kick-off workshop
  • Personalized user flow for a better UX experience
  • Custom-built wireframe
  • Creative UI design
  • 3x Alignment workshops (online)
  • A dedicated PM to keep in touch with
  • Handover and project evaluation workshop (online)
  • Basic prototype to test the logic
  • 5-7 Screen designs
  • 12 Change requests
Prototyping advanced image



  • Starter
  • +
  • User acceptance testing – training
  • Tailored icon set
  • 1x Alignment workshop (online)
  • Advanced prototype (with active input fields)
  • 8-12 Screen designs
  • 20 Change requests
Prototyping premium image



  • Advanced
  • +
  • Online/Personal workshops
  • User persona research
  • 13-20 Screen designs
  • 32 Change requests

If you have further inquiries about the service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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